Escritórios BNPP Alexandre Herculano


This proposal aims to keep fluidity and transparency throughout the open plan creating at the same time a series of quality spaces throughout the open plan layout. 

Having in mind the purpose of transforming this 100 people’s working place into a proper and desirable working space, we propose an organization that concentrates the offices and working stations, enabling clear and open central spaces and a more wide area with well defined and effective pathways. 

Near to the central core of vertical communication the entrance area is separated from the working area by an Acoustic Screen, creating along this permeable element, several functions and experiences: Entrance, Waiting Area; Guest Workstation; Quiet Rooms. 

The Acoustic Screen is composed by a sequence of thin vertical plates with acoustical surface. This plates can also be orientable allowing and creating more privacy, if needed.



Local: Rua Alexandre Herculano, Lisboa

Cliente: BNP Paribas

Arquitectura: Benedita Zamith + Catarina Almada Negreiros e Rita Almada Negreiros

Engenharia: LMSA

Área: 2000m2

Data: 2015